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Road Scholar (formerly Elderhostel)

11 Avenue de Lafayette
Boston, MA 02111

JoAnn Bell
Vice President Program Development
(617) 457-5419 Joann.bell@roadscholar.org
(617) 728-4933 Natasha Palmroth
Director International Program


    (617) 457-5425 direct line
Location Map Nicole Nacamuli
Cruise Program Manager
Driving Directions From Airport Nicole.nacamuli@roadscholar.org
Main Operation
All-inclusive learning adventures in the US and 100 countries, including Australia.
Company Description

Road Scholar is the name for the programs developed and offered by Elderhostel, Inc., the not-for-profit world leader in lifelong learning and educational travel since 1975. Our mission is to empower adults to explore the world's places, peoples, cultures and ideas, and in so doing to discover more about themselves. A fellowship of learning and the joy of discovery are the hallmarks of the Road Scholar experience.

Road Scholar programs bring together instructors and participants from diverse backgrounds to foster dynamic interaction, engaging discourse and warm camaraderie. In a world that seems to shrink smaller by the day because of technology, we believe that true insight and understanding are still sparked by hands-on experience and open discussions that stimulate the senses, energize the body and challenge the mind. We are committed to continually developing new program destinations, topics and formats to reflect the shifting realities and emerging trends of our ever-changing world.

In addition to traditional programs, Road Scholar offers several other types of programs, including Adventures Afloat (cruise), birding, walking, etc.

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Groups - Adhoc / Series
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